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Our approach to coffee is a pretty simple one. A classic and simple menu is what you can find at the van, using locally roasted coffee and quality products. Coffee shop speciality, on wheels, with absolutely no pretence to go with it. Coffee was our first love, so will always be the most important part of what we provide.

We use a seasonal blend roasted by our supplier. It will change slightly, keeping similar taste profiles, throughout the year depending on seasonality of the green beans. Choosing a roaster that buys and roasts their own beans ensures they will be buying the best crops available to them.   

We have tried to make as much of our business as sustainable as we can. From choosing sustainable coffee with traceability right back to the farm it was grown on, to all of our plant based compostable packaging. The manufactures run completely carbon free and produce awesome products with our environment at the forefront. There will always be a range of plant milks we will encourage you try, even with a simple coffee you can be doing your bit in lots of ways. 


We are proud to be supplied by, Stewarts of Trent Bridge. One of the oldest roasteries in Nottingham, they now run their roastery and coffee shop from Sneinton Market in a converted fruit and veg warehouse. The original roaster that started it all, has only just recently been replaced. Their approach to sustainability and FairTrade is one to set them apart from the rest. They are FairTrade registered as well as with the Soil Association and run as environmentally friendly as they can. Easy going, sustainable and great coffee sourced and roasted properly, exactly what's important to us too. You can buy their coffee through us, find even more to try on their website or pop in to Blend.

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