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It feels crazy to say I have been in the coffee world over 10 years now. In various roles from managing coffee shops to training for a coffee roastery and now owning my own mobile business. I love passing on my knowledge and teaching so it's now something I would love to offer you. We seem to be creating hoards of coffee lovers who genuinely know what is decent or shocking in their cups. Getting away with producing mediocre coffee is a thing of 2017. It seems to be especially common still within the mobile offerings out and about. Lets change that. Working within start ups and since creating my own has given me valuable tips and tricks to help elsewhere within your coffee business too. Happy to help with other sectors of business set up as well as coffee training, without giving too many secrets away!

Absolutely no need to be new to coffee either, refresher training is just as important from time to time. A new influx of staff members or to keep your existing team at their best. Group or individual sessions are useful and depend on what works best for you. Sessions using Este the van for the most enthusiastic home coffee baristas who fancy gaining more understanding and practice on a commercial coffee machine are also available. 

There are a few different options available as well as realising all your circumstances will be different, so please get in touch for further details. 


A few different options to help you all things coffee in your business. Get in touch for further info. 

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Fancied the mobile life and a coffee fan but never steamed any milk yourself? Newbies are my favourite, no Costa or Starbucks practices imprinted on them! Starting from scratch can be intimidating but making coffee is fun, so lets start. Full barista training, from grinders to milk to latte art. 

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Already have a business? Barista team? Feel stagnant and want to improve your skills? Refresher training doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong, just helping put some enthusiasm and new tips back in to the mix.

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Maybe you are totally new to coffee and the mobile world, guidance with both would be helpful. In-depth coffee training to provide the best possible product or help honing your already established skills. Creating an efficient coffee bar is vital, especially if it's mobile, so lets chat literally everything coffee!


Tell me a little about you and I will get back to you.

Thanks for submitting!

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